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Project Rural Flavours

2018-2021 Rural Flavours is the transnational cooperation project between Local Action Groups of Finland: Karhuseutu LAG; Estonia: Hiiumaa LAG; Portugal:ADIRN ADL; Spain: Comarca de LaCara, ADECOM LACARA; Croatia: LAG Bura; Cyprus: Development Agency of Lemesos LTD; Cyprus: Paphos District Development Agency “Aphrodite”.

The aim of the project is to learn for each others experions on how to promote local regions with festival events and fairs. General objectives of the project are: Üldised eesmärgid: Promotion of local business, increase of tourist in the area, exchange of experience, increase of knowledge on local food, learning of local knowledge abd skills, six different languages and cultures - to encourage children to lelarn, and branding rural areas.

in 2018 a fair in Torres Nuovos, Portugal was held for local dry food.

The Croatia project event in Starigrad in 2019


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