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Jul 12, 2017

Cooperation of Biosphere areas is initiated

In Båstad (Sweden) seminar on CLLD in December 2016, Reet Kokovkin (Hiiumaa, Estonia) and Christina Kalatha (Parnonas, Greece) met to talk about transnational cooperation on the topic of UNESCO Biosphere program areas. Both Hiiumaa and Parnonas LAGs have stated in their strategies for 2014-2020 that the ideology of biosphere program is useful to implement in their areas. The first visit was done in 6-9 July 2017 when delegation of Hiiumaa LAG and a representative of Saaremaa FLAG came to Leonidio to see the area and to have a feeling of famous festival: Melitzazz of Leonidio named «Loving Melitzazz 2017».

Seminar with new partners gave us rather good overview on what are the trends of development in Peloponnesus. Also discussion on the future project took place. Both partners agreed that defining stakeholders and informing them of the Biosphere program in our respective areas will be the main topic of the project. Next meeting is planned to take place in Hiiumaa on September, during the Autumn festival. 


Photo: partners discussing the project

Photo: The organiser of the Festival Sotiris Bolis and project partner Andreas Panitsas in Culture Factory

Festival Melitzazz that was initiated and supported by LEADER is a great success for the area. Many artist and chefs all over the Europe gather here to enjoy local food in its excellence, especially the aubergine that has EU geographical indication. The tsakonian aubergine is the basis for many dishes, from entrée’s to sweets. This year program was proud to introduce the film „Loving Vincent” celebrating European art and artists. Definitely, worth to see in autumn when it will be released to public.

Photo: cooking of the famous abergine

Photo: Aubergine in the form of art

During these two days of stay in Leonidio, Estonians visited local museums, Culture Factory, Nature Centre, oil factory of Kasell and a special island of Monemvasia. 

photo: Church in Monemvasia Castle

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