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May 12, 2017

Hiiumaa and Saaremaa LAGs to Gotland

During the last week of April, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa LAGs had a study tour to Sweden - first to Landsort and then to Gotland (and Farö). The aim of the visit was to follow the developments of the Region Gotland, especially in the field of local food. Gotland has a very strong island brand which should be of big help to sell local produce. The Food Strategy of Gotland confirms this, but also sees the challenge to work with larger variety of production and putting the consumer decisions in the centre of the strategic plan.

Landsort is a tiny rock island in the Stockholm LEADER area. Susanne Ortmans and Roland Steen were hosts to explain the success of this small community of ca 20 inhabitants. During the 10 years since establishing the Landsort Maritime & Environmental Center, 8 projects worth of 15 MSEK were implemented creating 10 jobs. 

In Foto: Seminar in Landsort 

Local food and food production was in the agenda also because among us we had the group of twelve farmers who visited farms in Gotland and Farö. We learned a lot: how to grow asparagus, raspberries and strawberries.  We found out that sheep farming faces a big problem of tics that carry deadly disease of anaplasmosis of sheep. The technology of dried lamb was interesting for us because similar product, called "violin" is known for us. The elaboration of the quality program for the “violin” in ongoing with the support of LEADER in Hiiumaa.

in Foto: group in Farölamm Farm

A lot of excitement was to learn about Gotland Truffles. Especially that our Estonian islands share the same geological disposition as Gotland. But now one has taken seriously to search for the possible truffles.

In Foto: learning about truffles 

We are very grateful to Riina Noodapera of Gotland for the help and assistance in elaborating the agenda of the visit and accompany us during our stay in the islands. Riina is the rural development and agriculture consultant and also the Honorary Consul of Estonia in Gotland. 

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