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Apr 5, 2017

New transnational project in preparation

On 21 September 2016, the General Assembly of Hiiumaa LAG approved the the preparatory application of transnational cooperation, in which Karhuseutu LAG from Finland and LAG Knyszynska Forest from Poland are the partners. First partner meeting of this project with expert Jukka Järvinen was carried on in Finland in February 2017. Visit to People's Republic of China took place on 15-23. March 2017. The visit of ELARD delegation to China had a target to get acquainted with Chinese authorities and to prove that LEADER method in Europe exist and is successful. The head of the delegation was the ex-president of ELARD Petri Rinne, accompanied by Hiiu County Governor Riho Rahuoja and the Head of the Hiiu County Development Department Aivi Telvik. The project partners were represented by Jaana Mälkki and Heikki Perko from Finland, Adam Kaminski and Martha Malecka from Poland and Reet Kokovkin Hiiumaa. In addition, the project involved experts Jukka Järvinen and Chen Ruiyan. The transnational project aims at organizing thematic seminars to the Chinese public sector in partner countries together with Europe-China meetings for our entrepreneurs to establish contacts; create travel packages for tourism marketing of our areas in China, and if all goes well, offer European advise on topics of interest to Chinese rural areas.
In the cooperation agreement, prepared by partners, the first seminar is intended to be carried out in Poland in autumn 2017, the second in 2018 in Finland during the winter and the third in Hiiumaa in autumn of 2018. Tour packages must take into account the specificities of the Chinese public, be interesting for visitors, and useful for Europeans.
On photo Adam Kamiski, Heikki Perko, Petri Rinne and Jukka Järvinen
In China, the delegation met with high-level officials from the Government of China and regional authorities, as well as with residents of rural areas, to get the understanding of Chinese countryside.
On photo the group together wiht Chinese hosts
On photo the delegation in seminar in Ningbo Government