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May 11, 2011

Hiiumaa Co-Operation Network at LINC 2011

A delegation from the Hiiumaa Co-Operation Netowork (from now on  LAG Hiiumaa) consisting of 3 people – board members Ly Kaups and Anu Pielberg accompanied with the LAG consultant Tauno Telvik – took part in the annual Leader event LINC in Saxony, Germany on April 27-30. LINC stands for Leader Inspired Network Community and the conference held every year consists of presentations, workshops and sports activities. The whole event takes place in a relaxed environment providing the best possible conditions for networking.

This year’s event took place in Bad Schandau – a beautiful little town on the Elbe near the Chech border. The town has about 2900 inhabitants and is surrounded by a national park with beautiful nature. It seems to be a tourist destination for hikers, bikers and families on vacation. With its spas, many different hiking trails, river cruises and excellent mountain climbing trails it is the perfect place for spending an active vacation or in this case organizing an active conference.

The first day of the event was all about getting there, getting to know each other getting familiar with the programme of the event. The wall of the conference hall was lined with posters from the majority of the LAGs participating.

The second day was all about presentations and workshops.  The themes of the workshops were as follows: “Local supply – cooperative-based approach”,  „Mobility in the rural area”, „Value added from nature protection”, „Vacancy of rural buildings – reutilisation or utilisation for new purposes”. We received especially good feedback from the presentation of our trans-national co-operation project about traditional sailing and our regional co-operatio project about local food the idea of which was firther developed during the workshop. A lot of new ideas were picked up as well.


The evening of the second day ended with the first sports discipline – kneippiade, which contained many different and interesting events (walking on nettles, driving a Segway, passing through a creek in fishermaen’s boots, recognizing different smells etc). Tauno Telvik from LAG Hiiumaa took part in the competition as a substitute for Krista Kõiv from The Estonian Rural Economy Research Centre.

The third day (29.04.2011) was all about sports. There were three different events measuring from fun to light to action. The fun event was a 4 part competition in which our representatives did not take part, the light event was rowing a 10-man dingy on the Elbe – an event which proved not to be so light after all (several kilometers of rowing on the fast flowing Elbe). Both Ly Kaups and Anu Pielberg took part in the mentioned competition, Anu Pielberg being in the winning team.

The action event was a really grueling sports event – about 3 kilometers of biking of which 1,5 km was on a very steep uphill climb, then about a 1 kilometer hike/run on an even steeper hill followed by climbing a vertical cliff wall of up to about 10 meters. LAG Hiiumaa was represented by Tauno Telvik.

The sporty day ended at a closing event with conclusions from workshops, prizes for the winners of the sports events, speeches from the organizers of this year’s event and the next year’s (Estonia) and of course good local food.

By day four most of the participants living near the location of the event had already left. Our delegation stayed for the field trips as well. We took part in the trip visiting old rural buildings that had found a new use e.g. a farm building now a living house and a new mothers’ care center, an innovative farm that uses natural gas from manure to provide itself and the nearby village with electricity, a holiday home built from an old barn etc.

All in all the whole event was inspiring, motivating and a hugely benefitial networking experience. We received a great deal of good contacts and ideas for future projects and also for drawing up our development strategy for the next period.


Also see videos from the conference HERE and the sport events HERE