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Jul 24, 2019

Hiiumaa welcomes Rural Flavours

elcome! this is we say to our partners in Rural Flavors project as well as to forty dining guests on August 3, 2019. Cooking is going to be intense as the chef, Erlis Schönberg, has even prepared a nine-course meal work shop of joint cooking exersise from recipes sent by our project partners. For dining guests, we offer an exciting experience of being as if at the shores of two seas - Baltic and Mediterranian at a time. Mediterranean dishes include Croatian, Cypriot and Portuguese dishes, Baltic is represented by Estonian and Finish culinary. We invite you to get to know the secrets of chefs from five nations. You and your friends have a chance today to let the time to flow at a luncheon that runs under the protective shade of the tent in the courtyard of the Kärdla school. Come and enjoy!

During the lunch and after there is a mini-Fair of products of countries of our partners. Come and buy good food with you.

Mini-Fair in Kärdla

Seminar on 2nd of August on Rural legends


Our rural partners will jointly cooking a lunch menu as follows:

Appetizers: Portugal - Dried and soaked cod in batter; Kassari - Tapas platter with meat cuts and gooseberries from Kassari; Cyprus - Egg-zuccini dish; Estonia - meat hjelly and potato salad.
Main course: Croatia - Red risotto with shrimp; Cyprus - Lamb stew with vegetables.
Deserts: Croatian - Greek yogurt with pistachio and sugar free jam; Finland - Sea buckthorn kissell with whipped cream; Estonia - Currant cake

Lunc-Caffee participants