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May 10, 2019

Rural Flavours in Croatia

The 20-member group from Hiiumaa LAG traveled to Croatia in early May, namely Starigrad, to participate in the local fair with our products. LAG BURA  organised the event for the  very first time, as if you thought it might have been, it didn't really work out. For example, it was badly made order for the weather - just on the day of the Fair it was raining like a fringe. But without other considerations, everything was great. From Hiiumaa we brought Hiiu Bakery seed and pomeranian biscuits some of which we cooked on the spot to create a nice cake smell. Dagenhause offered chocolate with no sugar (in fact, without sugar it is the right taste!). Small food producer HIID brought nettle bars that was still a very new experience for the locals. Handicraft shop Pitsu sold towels and juniper plates. The NGO working with people with special needs made a craft workshop and offered their famous bags: unfortunately they did not made the deal, but the contacts with the sister-NGO were set up.

Hiiumaa group at the Fair

During the study tour we visited LAG Bura projects. We thought we were civilised people educated in a recent history, but it was still a slight shock finally to relaised that the war that was practically discussed at every meeting took place in 1990-1995. The traces of war are still visible, although people are very good at rebuilding their lives. We experienced this both when visiting tourist companies and in the evening at the Zelengrad Village House. This is a village where just 50 of the 500 inhabitants are left. The deminerators continue to work in the mountains. The project seminar was held in the Yugoslav Time end-of-the-world mountain shelter, which is currently used as a tourist center for the Paklenica nature area.

In the seminar room

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