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Jun 5, 2019

One Belt project in business cooperation conference in China

ONE BELT - ONE ROUTE project focuses on business cooperation in the field of technology and tourism. Reason for this is simple - Finland's main partner, Karhuseutu LAG, has chosen the Prizztech Development Center in Pori to be a lead partner, because it has been able to prove its skills to the Chinese state and even bring some development money to Finland thanks to its consultants. Entrepreneurs, including those in Hiiumaa, are offered the opportunity to cooperate with China. It don't have to be a big company, one just need to set ones skills right. For example, one Pori company introduces technology in China to dry water pump pumps from resedu water. For sure we would have to offer ideas and skills for collaboration. Joosep Jesmin, who was a member of Hiiumaa team, suggested that we could do something about safety at work.

Moment at the Tourist semianr

The tourism working group has been preparing a package for inviting Chinese tourists to the areas of the LAGs of Karhuseutu, Hiiumaa and Puszcza Knyszynska for a year. The speciality of our tourism packages is that we canot nor want to receive large masses of tourist, but the target group is visitors who have already seen the world and strive for beautiful nature, clean air and special culture. Why the UNESCO biosphere area is very suitable.

In parallel with us, there was an international delegation of the European Leader Association to China, who, at the request of the Chinese state, tries to develop LEADER-type initiative groups in rural areas. How it works can be seen in a few years.

Show room in textile factoru in Ningbo


High ELARD member Kristiina Tammets at the conference