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Mar 28, 2019

Biosphere Day in Hiiumaa on 27th of March

Project OFF GRID supported a seminar in Hiiumaa dedicated to the annual Biosphere Day. This year the seminar had discussions on renewable energy of many types. Presentations were about the energy ideology of the UNESCO Biosphere program M&B by Toomas Kokovkin, (member of the ICC Bureau of the UNESCO's "Man and Biosphere" program); on the Energy ressourse of Estonian forest ( Eesti puitkütuste ressurss ja kasutus) Jaanus Aun, Foundation of Private Forest Owners; Biomeiler - how to make heat out of compost, by Jukka Kontulainen. Pro Agria, Finland; The use of reed in heating (Rannaroost energiabriketid) Maire Miemis, Pärnumaa; Reed straws in restaurants by Koit Kelder, Saaremaa. OFF GRID parters also made a tour in Hiiumaa to see projects on energy savings: Hiiumaa Bakery, bioplast factory Dagoplast and energy producing private dwelling house.

Finns in Hiiumaa Bakery heat reusing systems

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HIIUMAA is the living environment recognised by UNESCO.  Life on this island is like a small model of the world: we have to manage so that our children and grandchildren could live well on this spot of land in the future. UNESCO recognized the West Estonian islands as a model that should be followed in Estonia and beyond. Our natural resources are forest, sea, farmland and species that live with us here. We learn to value other people and cultures because the sea has brought new and interesting to the islands: people from far became part to us with their wisdom and experience. We now know that to live well, one must consume wisely and what seemed to be a trash in the past is actually a worthy raw for new products. The traditional knowledge of the ancestors who lived in our farms must be taken over in a new, smart way. You have arrived at the UNESCO area.