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Mar 12, 2019

Project One Belt is about cooperation of entrepreneurs and tourist packages

NE BELT ONE ROUTE  - BALTIC SILK ROUTE is transnational cooperation project between LAGs in Finland, Poland and Estonia. Partner are accordingly - LAG KARHUSEUTU Finland, lead partner, LOKALNA GRUPA DZIAŁANIA-PUSZCZA KNYSZYŃSKA Poland and Hiidlaste Koostöökogu, LAG Hiiumaa from Estonia. the aim of the project is to network and exchange experience between local rural entrepreneur of technical and esp robotics profession. The second aim is to invite professionals to visit our areas. The tourist packages compilated for that reason can be used as overall tourist routs and interst points. during the project a number of visits are compleated to Pori-Karhuseutu, to Puszcza Knuszynska areas and to Hiiumaa island. Seminsrs about China tourism perpective, industry and rural development, and Asia tourism needs and expectations were held both for project partner teams and local entrepreneurs. A special tool - the tourism routs from Finland via Hiiumaa to Poland is compiled.

Delegation meeting with the Vice Minister of Labor in Peking

In Plactic firm Dagöplast in Hiiumaa

In Satamatic firm in Pori

In Samojabloko juice factory In Knyszynska Forest


At the beginning of the project a high level Europe LEADER organisation - ELARD - delegation met with the vice minister of Labor of China, also visited Peking and rural areas in four regions of China. This was followed by the high level Chinese delegation to Brussels to talk about possible cooperation and exchange of experience.

Delegation in China


During the project life time the experts visit to Peking is expected to take part in the robotics conference in Ningbo.