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Aug 30, 2018

Toomas Kokovkin is the member of UNESCO MAB ICC

The Hiiumaa LAG Strategy aims to highlight Hiiumaa as a UNESCO Biosphere Program Area (Man Biosphere program) among other areas of Estonia, Europe and the world in support of our island's business, culture and community joint activities. All LEADER projects supported by the Hiiumaa LAG are rated according to the values of the UNESCO MAB program.
The West-Estonian Archipelago Biosphere Program Area is highly recognized in the world, as was evident in recent UNESCO MAB International Coordinating Committee (ICC) 30th session in Palembang, Indonesia from 23 to 28 July 2018.
As member of the 6-member Bureau of the ICC of the UNESCO's "Man and Biosphere" program, Toomas Kokovkin from Hiiumaa, also a member of the Estonian National Committee of the UNESCO, was elected to represent Eastern Europe. Thus, Estonia has the opportunity to speak for the MAB program at the highest level during two years.
The ICC of the MAB consists of representatives from 34 Member States (122 Member States and 686 biosphere areas in the MAB program today).

The MAB Council meets once a year, usually at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, or in one of the MABs ICC member state. Each Member State has only one vote, but experts and advisers can be involved in sessions. In addition, other UNESCO Member States that are not members of the Council may send representatives to the meetings as observers. Representatives of other UN organizations are also invited to attend.

In photo: Toomas Kokovkin