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Jun 18, 2018

Hiiu Angel in her maiden voyage

The history of shipbuilding in Hiiumaa was interrupted, but continued after decades of forced pause, when the NGO Hiiu Sailing Association submitted a support application  to the Hiiumaa LAG in 2009 to finance the design and background studies of traditional Hiiumaa galleass, as it was used in coastal sailing before the great war. In fact, we all believed that the ship will be built one day. Last year, the galleass named Hiiu Ingel (the Hiiu Angel), was set to waters. In the afternoon of June 11, 2018, Ingel sailed for her maiden sail from Suuresadama Harbour. She will take part of the Hanseatic Days in Rostock. During the trip, stops will be made in Riga, Visby, Bornholm and Stralsund, to take gifts from other Hanseatic cities to the host. 

Hiiu Ingel is ready to take the sails in Suuresadama harbour, Hiiumaa 

Our correspondent from Bornholm, Hendrik E. Nielsen reported that Ingel is safely in Rönne and has been noticed by local media.

Hiiu Ingel in Visby



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